Client story

Tech company sustainability practice awarded

JLL within the framework of sustainability is concerned with finding solutions and practices based on the use of sustainable products to collaborate with the protection and wellbeing of the environment.


Buenos Aires


Plastic consumption reduction + cost reduction


Awarded by City Government


4 months

In 2020 the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires awarded a distinction to one of our clients in the technology sector for being one of the companies with the highest recycling practices within the offices.

Continuing the search for new proposals, we found the opportunity to reduce the use of plastic:

  1. Replacing the current waste bags with recyclable material
  2. Using first-line cleaning and disinfection products, made of natural, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly products, thus achieving the health care of the people who use the products as well as the reduction of plastic, since they are very concentrated products. It results into a monthly purchase.


After receiving the distinction from the city government, we continue studying proposals and innovations related to the planet care to present to the client. Realizing a benchmarking with other JLL accounts, we came to the option of biodegradable cleaning products. Also, we found the possibility of contacting a supplier of biodegradable bags to increase the plastic reduction.


Getting in touch with the suppliers: The first ones we contacted did not have the necessary quantity, the second ones could not deliver the products to our client’s office, and others did not have the supporting documentation (certificates of final disposal of the bags). Thus, after realizing massive research, we managed to find the right company. As for the cleaning products, the recommendation came from a colleague at JLL. However, the seller we contacted did not have the necessary amount of supplies until we found the right person who has become our official supplier.

To ensure that the current company of Janitorial that provided us with the cleaning products according to the contract, would adopt this change.

Train the teams who use the products daily to show them how important this change was for their wellbeing. Thus, we managed to contribute to our planet’s health.